There’s a part of someone past that better left untold. Sometimes it contains their deepest, darkest and worst memory. While there’s so many choice to treat that bad memory, either to reconciling with the past, bury it deep or to erase the memory… And I bet that idea comes to your mind sometimes. I fancy that also, well, that’s awesome idea.

Imagine if you or someone out there have the ability to erase the memory, wouldn’t it be something luxurious? You don’t need to use a machine like Dr. Howard have. Just your own ability to freely choose which part of your memory you wanted to erase.

Or perhaps, you can consider another option. I’m not if you ever watched and pay attention to Harry Potter movies. I envy Dumbledore right after he explained about pensieve to Harry, a basin where he can put his memories of his mind so there’s a space for another memory. He just need to look into the basin if he want to see the memory. So the memory is not all gone, he just put it into another media. I want to buy it (if it ever exist on dept store), yeah I will and will use it for a greater good.

We choose to keep some of our past, just for us. Maybe because it’s too hurting, too humiliating, too dark,  and too many consideration. And all we wanted to do, carry on with our life and take all the burden away not remembering that part of our life.
Whatever that is, the past, the memories, all that happened and kept inside our mind is our own prerogative. The choice is yours.
But, for your information, some past are better left untold, until you finally found someone who can hear your stories without blaming, judging, or saying that you’ve made a bad mistake. You don’t need anyone else to tell you that you’ve made a mistake, you already know it.
Our mind is like Pandora box. A fact that slipped out of your mouth could lead to another question and make someone else wondering about our past, and the worst is when they make their own version about it. It’s called the Domino Effect.

So what happen in past, stay in the past.
Keep on moving and looking for bright future.

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